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The Joy of Ron

Celebrating all that is Ron Weasley

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to The Joy of Ron, a LJ community for those who love all things Ron! We hope that everyone feels welcome.

Community moderated by: pocketfullof, delylah and velvethope

Those who love all things Ron are encouraged to:
  • make an introductory post upon joining.
  • post your Ron centric stories. Be sure to use a LJ cut when doing so. Also, please make sure to rate the story upon posting.
  • post cookies, ficlets, and songfics featuring Ron.
  • post icons or banners featuring Ron.
  • post Ron fan art.
  • post Ron related quizzes and polls.
  • post analysis and defenses of Ron’s character.
  • post links to Ron-friendly websites.
  • start relevant and Ron-related topics for discussion.
  • post your news or pictures of Rupert Grint, but please refrain from posting fan stories of him, or squeeing about his latest girlfriend. Despite our pervy ways we would like to keep Rupert’s private life, just that: private.

The Joy of Ron is a non-ship-specific community. Both discussion and posting of material concerning of slash and het ‘ships is acceptable. ‘Shipper wars will not be tolerated.

For long posts, remember to use the proper LJ cut tags.

You are not allowed to do the following here:
  • use netspeak and/or textspeak.
  • bash and flame Ron. It’s alright if you raise questions regarding Ron’s motivations in canon, but do so in a nice and civil way. No hostility, please, or else you will be kicked out swiftly.
  • Post stories that include incest, or non consensual sex.
  • Post stories that include Evil!Ron or Evil! Weasleys without a good, solid explanation (and the only explanation we can think of for Evil!Ron is that he’s working undercover).
  • bash and flame particular people, whether you name names or not.
  • bash and flame actors and actresses involved in the Harry Potter film series. This is a community based on fostering positive support for the character of Ron Weasley and the actor who plays him, Rupert Grint. This is NOT the place to tear down other actors/actresses in the films.